5 interesting facts about lions

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If the British weather is proving unpredictable this summer, why not search ‘indoor family fun near me’ and book your tickets? The whole family is sure to learn a lot about courage and finding your voice. In the meantime, let’s take a look at five interesting facts about lions.


1. Almost all wild lions live in Africa

There are only two recognised lion subspecies that live in the wild, and most are found in Africa in the regions south of the Sahara Desert. But there’s also an Asiatic lion, which exists in one small population around Gir Forest National Park in western India. Interestingly, the African lions that are found in western and central Africa are more closely related to Asiatic lions than they are to the African lions found in southern and eastern Africa.


2. Not all male lions have manes

Most male lions can be identified by their long manes. These are typically at their most impressive around five to six years of age, and are a sign of dominance. Those with the darkest manes are the healthiest and usually rule over their pride.

However, some male lions, such as some individuals in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, don’t have a mane at all. While scientists disagree over the cause of this, it could be an adaption to the climate, since manes reduce heat loss.


3. Lions can get water from plants

Lions live in very dry areas such as the Kalahari Desert. When water is scarce, they find alternative ways to get it, such as from prey and by drinking from plants like the Tsamma melon.


4. Lions like to hunt during storms

Lions do most of their hunting at night when the temperature is cooler. Their eyes have adapted to provide good visibility in the dark, and it gives them an advantage over their prey. They also hunt during storms, because the noise of the rain and wind makes it harder for their prey to hear them, and improves their chances of catching a meal.


5. Lions are the only cats that roar together

Lions are the only cat species we know of that roar together as a group. Even the cubs will join in a pride roar, mewing along with the adults. A calling sequence often lasts for up to 40 seconds and the activity helps them to mark their territory. The collective roar can be heard for up to five miles around.


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