5 key moments in The Lion Inside story

Rachel Bright’s picture book, The Lion Inside, was published in 2016 and has since become a modern classic. Now brought to the stage by one of the UK’s most renowned producers of children’s theatre shows, it teaches children about fear, bravery, and the power of taking action. Let’s explore some of the key moments from the story.


Mouse decides to roar

In The Lion Inside, Mouse is a small, quiet creature who is always getting ignored, forgotten, and left out. He admires Lion, who is big and loud, and always asserts himself with his mighty roar. The first key moment of the story comes when Mouse decides he also needs a roar:

“I’ve got it!” he said. “What I need is a ROAR!”

It’s at this point that Mouse decides to take matters into his own paws and change his story. He imagines what might be possible if he were to have his own roar - and comes up with a plan.


Thinking like a winner

It crosses Mouse’s mind that going to see Lion might mean he ends up as Lion’s dinner. In a pivotal moment in the tale, he made himself brave and he thought like a WINNER, choosing to venture up to the top of the rock to see Lion despite his fears. He learns that if you want something to change, you must start with yourself, so he gathers his courage and sets off.


Lion is scared

When Mouse reaches the top of the rock and comes nose to nose with Lion, it’s Lion who is scared. He curls up in a ball and begs Mouse not to hurt him. This moment shows that even the strongest and most impressive creatures can be frightened. It’s Mouse who then has to reassure Lion that he isn’t threatening, using his tiny voice to extend the paw of friendship.


Courage to speak out

By having the courage to speak to Lion, Mouse learns that he can be heard without the need to roar or to shout. Rather than having to learn to be loud and bossy like Lion, he has made Lion take notice of him in his own way. Mouse begins to understand that he can go on being himself and still be seen by the other creatures.


A friendship

The final key moment in The Lion Inside book is when Mouse and Lion strike up a friendship. Both are happier because they have the other’s company. Lion no longer needs to impress the other animals by roaring at them - instead he roars with laughter. And Mouse feels bigger and more confident - even though he’s still small - for having his friend Lion by his side. 

The stage adaptation of this heartwarming story is touring the UK until the end of August 2024. Brought to life with stunning puppetry, it is aimed at children aged three and up and makes for a fantastic family day out. Book tickets today at a theatre near you.