Do mice make good pets?

Currently touring the UK, The Lion Inside stage show is this season’s must-see family production. Based on The Lion Inside book by Rachel Bright, it tells the story of a little mouse who gets fed up of being ignored and decides to find his roar. However, that means paying a visit to the fearsome lion at the top of the rock - and what if the lion wants to eat him for lunch?

A tale of courage and determination, it’s brought to life with song, dance and stunning puppetry to portray the mouse and the lion. Read the picture book and grab tickets to the show at a theatre near you.


Mice as pets

If you are moved by the little mouse’s journey in the story, you may be wondering if mice make good pets. Perhaps you can learn a little more about their characters by having one at home?

The answer is that mice can be very rewarding pets if they’re cared for properly. Typically friendly and curious in nature, they like to live in groups where they will care for each other. With that in mind, it’s best for the wellbeing of your pet mouse to keep it with a friend or two, and ensure there is enough space in their cage for all of them to be comfortable. Males are best kept with males and females with females. If you want to have males, they’re unlikely to accept new mice into the group, so choose individuals from the same litter.

Pet mice usually live up to four years, and are best kept in the care of older children or adults, as they are very small and can be hurt easily. They do not enjoy physical contact with humans as much as rats do, and can nip if they’re handled roughly or become frightened. As such, they’re better suited to owners who can let them explore alone and don’t need to handle them too much.

Mice are largely nocturnal, which means they rest during the day and come out to eat and play at night. Disturbing your mice in the day to handle them can cause them stress, so it’s best to let your pets keep to their regular sleeping and waking cycle. 


The right mouse house

The more space your mice have, the better. As curious creatures, they need lots of toys, tunnels, ladders and other activities in their cage. They’ll also need a choice of cosy nests to sleep. When choosing a cage, opt for one with bars no more than 9mm apart; otherwise the mice may be able to squeeze through and escape.

You should clean out the cage once a week with pet-safe cleaner. When replacing bedding, keep some back that’s clean but used, as this will ensure the cage continues to smell familiar.


Discover The Lion Inside

Book The Lion Inside tickets for a great day out for the whole family. Aimed at kids aged three and up, it’s a heartwarming production that’s sure to entertain and inspire young minds - and you may learn some unexpected things about mice!