What is the Best Sport for Self Confidence?

There are many benefits to participating in sport. Firstly, regular exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It burns calories and releases endorphins which can help you to feel happier and have a better outlook on life. Sports can also be great for self confidence. So, if your child is struggling with self-esteem issues and could do with a bit of a boost, why not encourage them to join a sports club?

Karate and other martial arts are among the best sports for physical and mental health. Here’s a rundown of the benefits.


Karate Helps Build Strength and Power

Karate is a disciplined sport which helps participants to develop strength, balance and power. Regular training builds and tones muscle allowing for more controlled moves. Intense exercise like this can also lead to body confidence, helping your child to feel happy in their own skin. This in turn may result in greater confidence in other areas of life.


Karate Promotes Independence

There are many books, songs and plays out there designed to install confidence in little ones. The Lion Inside, and other children’s shows, for example, promote self belief and self acceptance. But did you know that karate can do the same? It encourages independence by enabling children to learn and test new skills. They can then apply this to push limits outside of the dojo, learning more about themselves and what they’re good at. Timid children can become more confident overtime, especially if they have a supportive sensei by their side.


Karate Takes People Out of their Comfort Zone

While karate training might take place in groups at a local dojo, students will need to perform by themselves at competitions or for belt gradings. Whether they’re sparring, partaking in Kickmaster or doing the Kata, individuals will be pushed outside of their comfort zone with the help of their coach. While this is scary at first, it becomes easier as students get used to the format of competitions or gradings and each achievement will help to grow their confidence. It’s important to note that failures or match losses are crucial too, helping children to develop resilience which will contribute to their overall ability to remain confident.

Someone who might be shy at school can become a completely different person while on the mat and it’s quite remarkable to see. Add medals into the mix and confidence can skyrocket. But again, it’s important to have a coach that can help students through the inevitable highs and lows of the sport, so they can continue to move forward and grow. 

If you’re looking for family shows that will teach your children about confidence this summer, don’t miss The Lion Inside. Currently touring the UK, this is a heart-warming tale all about self-esteem and courage, and is specifically tailored to children aged three and above. The show is perfect for indoor family fun, offering sing-along songs, dancing and stunning puppetry, and provides a fantastic introduction to live theatre for little ones.